Black History Month, Voices of Color
BBTV’s Voices of Color initiative is a clear path forward for marketers invested in celebrating Black History Month and black creators.

While YouTube and other popular social platforms are home to the most inspiring and influential black creators on the planet every day of the year, February is marked especially as a time when social platforms such as YouTube shine a spotlight on their stories and voices. In fact, two thirds of black millennial viewers say YouTube is a place where black people have a voice. Doubling down on this sentiment, YouTube dedicates its homepages, featured content, and new playlists to Black History Month throughout February. 

While marketers increasingly understand diversity and inclusion as essential to successful digital ad campaigns and their overall reach, audiences are growing weary of only experiencing catered ads during key tent poles such as Black History Month. With 3 out of 4 black millennials expressing a desire to see brands better represent diversity in their ads, BBTV’s Voices of Color (VoC) initiative is a clear path forward for marketers invested in celebrating black creators and content year long. 

The need to close the gap between brands and black audiences is a central focus for many right now. Global brands have committed investing more with BIPOC and minority-owned businesses and media. At BBTV, our VoC initiative works to amplify multicultural creators and bring their content into the spotlight. Shining a light on these creators creates an organic uptick in branded opportunities and in turn allows advertisers to connect with multicultural content and consumers. 

BBTV’s beloved family channel The Rush Fam have captured the hearts of diverse young families with relatable content and daily vlogs. 

YouTubers are replacing traditional celebrities thanks to relatable content that builds personal connections with their viewers. This phenomenon is taking place at a faster rate with multicultural YouTube audiences. 79% of multicultural YouTube viewers say that they seek out content that makes them feel connected with the people with whom they identify

As brands still struggle to connect with multicultural audiences on a cultural and tonal level, BBTV houses a diverse roster of YouTubers who have organically built relationships with their audiences because of these key commonalities.

Brands partnered with BBTV gain access to multicultural YouTubers with pre-existing deep connections to target audiences that cannot simply be recreated. 

As one of the world’s best dunkers, Chris Staples’ YouTube is full of jaw-dropping long and short-form videos.

BBTV’s investment in multicultural creators sees us reach 20M+ monthly unique views and specifically 12.1M monthly unique views by black audiences. With limitations on targeting by race, advertisers partnered with BBTV have the unique opportunity to reach multicultural audiences at a scale throughout the year by way of our diverse creators. 

So how can brands take part in Black History Month beyond checking off a major cultural tentpole? The key is to empower black YouTubers who are already making strides in connecting with underrepresented communities in meaningful ways beyond the scope of February. By doing so, your brand empowers the creator community that best represents the audiences you’re attempting to reach to take center stage. 

Anthony Adams has become a massive social media personality thanks to his hilarious sketches. 

Marketers have an opportunity ahead Black History Month to put together a campaign that effectively resonates with audiences on a deeper level through Voices of Color. With 3 in 4 black millennials expressing that they’re more likely to consider a brand that positively reflects black culture, BBTV’s talent roster is a clear entry point for brands who need support in fulfilling this expectation from their target audience. 

Voices of Color offers marketers access to a diverse network of premium roster of multicultural YouTubers across all major verticals including gaming, sports, music and entertainment. With Black History Month fast approaching, Voices of Color enables brands to reach highly engaged audiences who are actively seeking out connections between brands and their favorite black YouTubers. 

Reach out to our Ad Sales team to learn how BBTV’s Voices of Color program can help you create a customized ad sales campaign that speaks directly to black audiences.