Why The Creator Economy, and BBTV, Are The Key to Mainstream Adoption of Web3
Web3 presents a massive opportunity to deepen the connection between creators and their fans in a meaningful way.

Wherever you stand on Web3, it will undeniably play an important role in how we interact and engage online for years to come. Under all the mixed perspectives on NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse is a very human need: a desire to connect on a deeper level than the Internet we know and understand today allows, where the boundaries of engagement are defined by platforms rather than people.

Nowhere is this more true than in the relationship between content creators and their fans. The $104 billion dollar creator economy has been built on the connections that 2 million professional creators have made with billions of fans around the world. Today, their interactions are limited by what platforms provide, from ‘Like’ buttons to comment sections and share functions. 

Web3 presents a massive opportunity to deepen the connection between creators and their fans in a meaningful way.

As a company that’s been pioneering the creator economy for 17 years, we’ve seen first hand that the creators we empower at BBTV (BBTV:TSX) make far more impact than simply reaching an audience. Creators today are leveraging their influence to catalyze global movements, from Mr. Beast’s Team Trees initiative to plant nearly twenty-four million trees (so far), to BBTV creator AboFlah’s Guinness World Record-breaking livestream that generated eleven million dollars for refugees in just twelve days.

This influence is undeniably valuable and monetizable, from the global brands that earmark billions of dollars each year for advertising on creator content, to the platforms themselves that have grown to amass billions of users. Creators are at the center of that growth, and BBTV is pivotal to the success of over 5,000 of them who reach 600 million fans globally. This positions us uniquely to empower the growth of Web3’s creator economy. With the right solutions, creators have the power to drive genuine interest and action from their followers at a scale never seen before, and with that power comes a key driver for the future of Web3: community.

‘Community’ is now often measured in subscribers and engagement rates, but the term originally refers to a deeper and more meaningful connection. That meaning isn’t lost on creators and their fans, with most creators now active on numerous platforms to engage with their communities in various ways. BBTV maximizes and monetizes that engagement for creators, while also expanding their IP to interactive experiences like Mobile Gaming Apps. This kind of expansion gives fans new ways to engage with their favorite creators, beyond the confines of major platforms.

This desire for deeper engagement makes Web3 an important – and natural – next step for creators. NFTs, for example, enable creators to provide their fans with ownership of their engagement from one platform to another, and from one experience to another. Attached to that NFT might be something as simple as access to content, entry to an event in the metaverse, or a unique badge on Discord. For the first time ever, the creator and the fan have control.

As creators seek new ways to engage with their fans, at BBTV we’re expanding on our comprehensive solutions for creators to activate the full potential of Web3. These solutions will help creators track ownership of their content and impact across consumers and collectors. We’ll also help creators authentically connect to their fan-base and own that experience, while more effectively monetizing their IP in Web3. 

BBTV is central to a $104 billion dollar creator economy, and with our scale and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to empower the growth of Web3’s Creator Economy at a blinding pace, driving fan adoption to Web3 in a way that no other company can. If there’s a time to be excited about what’s in store for Web3, that time is now.