Why Marketers Should Care About Music Festivals in 2022
Learn how BBTV’s Ad Sales team is approaching music festival season for brands looking to reach new audiences with their next campaign.

Live music festivals are coming back in a big way. The last two years required hitting pause on most live events, but all signs point to major music festivals across the country resuming their in-person activities in 2022 with many including the added bonus of virtual access. 

Prior to the pandemic, 52% of Americans were attending live music events each year and 44% of this group are music festival goers. Festival live streams have added another layer of opportunity over the years and will likely increase in popularity as the pandemic continues. In 2019, YouTube’s live stream of Coachella’s first week clocked in 82.9 million live views – up more than 90% from 2018. Since then, live streaming has only become more mainstream. 

What does this mean for marketers looking to captivate Millennial and Gen Z music fans on YouTube and beyond? Music festivals are an effective way of aligning your brand with the tastemakers of today and tomorrow – whether at the event itself or with digital video ad campaigns. From sponsorships and experiential marketing to pre-rolls,mid-rolls, and branded entertainment, advertisers  have an opportunity to create a holistic experience, targeting audiences in-person, on YouTube and wherever else they might be consuming related content. With BBTV, you can take the guesswork out of your campaign, catering to your target consumers wherever they’re watching content. 

Keep reading to learn how BBTV’s Ad Sales team is approaching music festival season for brands looking to go big, small, or somewhere in between with their next campaign. 

The IRL Factor 

While digital ad experiences continue to dominate the minds and budgets of marketing teams everywhere, the impact of creative experiential marketing is clear. After two years of Zoom events, consumers are looking for a human connection with brands. In fact, 84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business. What better way to elevate your brand-to-consumer connection than by supporting music they’re passionate about by physically being there alongside them. 

Live event marketing also pays off in big ways online. The innate social shareability of music festivals and unique brand activations can help elevate your brand’s recognition across target audiences on social media. With video traffic projected to make up 82% of IP traffic by 2022, let your live event campaign do the work online for you.

We’re Headed to SXSW 2022 & So Should You

With the world itching to get back safe in-person events, music festivals in 2022 offer brands an unique opportunity to reach consumers. Known for some of the most talked about brand activations, music festivals such as SXSW allow brands to flex their experiential marketing muscles. From pop-up shops to stage sponsorships, almost every surface and space of a festival is a great opportunity to link your brand to a once-in-a-lifetime experience for attendees. 

Over the years, BBTV’s music division, Opposition, has organized sold-out music showcases at SXSW featuring some of the brightest stars, including 21 Savage, G Herbo, Lil Baby, and more. With sights set on returning to SXSW this year, marketers have the opportunity to pair their brand alongside the most talked about artists. 

With Opposition’s SXSW showcase, brands can choose from flexible packages that range from official event sponsorships to smaller activations during the concert. Contact our BBTV Ad Sales to learn more about Opposition’s SXSW Showcase event packages. 

Captivate Music Lovers With Contextual Ad Targeting

YouTube’s power over music listening habits has grown stronger since the start of the pandemic. More than 2 billion people head to YouTube every month to experience music. YouTube experienced a 100% increase in watch time on TV or recorded live music performances between July 2019-20, making the case that live music holds a special place in music lovers’ hearts. Beyond the music itself, YouTube gives audiences an opportunity to jump from one passion to another with a single click. Working with BBTV’s Ad Sales team, brands can further deepen this positive entertainment experience with contextual targeting. 

Partnering  with BBTV, brands get access to Opposition’s robust and diverse roster of rising and established music talent such as Major Lazer and T-Pain. Opposition talent collectively pull in 6.5 million monthly uniques and 221M monthly views in the U.S, giving your next digital ad campaign access to passionate fans across music genres. Aim as wide or narrow as you want with flexible campaign formats that target the casual listener or forever fan.  

With 50% of Opposition’s U.S viewers between 20-29 years old, your next campaign can capture the highly elusive Gen Z and Millennial audience where they’re most engaged, with their favorite music artists. 

Music festivals are a playground of opportunity for marketers looking to not only captivate young music fans but also to drive brand affinity with these target consumers. Music on YouTube doubles down on a brand’s ability to target music fans based on music genre and other lifestyle and cultural preferences. Get ahead of music festival season with BBTV Ad Sales and exclusive access to Opposition’s top music talent.