Contextually Target Audiences Through YouTube
Here's how marketers can work with YouTubers in BBTV’s vast creator network to contextually target the most influential holiday content on YouTube.

As restrictions slowly lift this holiday season, sales are poised for a breakthrough in the fourth quarter, and there is no better place than YouTube to leverage the power of the platform’s unrivaled consumption, contextual targeting and the influencer economy. 

44% of consumers have tried a new brand after viewing an ad in conjunction with relevant content, and 69% indicated that they would engage with an ad if it was contextually relevant.

Below, we’re unwrapping the key ways marketers can contextually target YouTubers and creators through BBTV’s vast creator network to place their brand in the thick of the most influential holiday content on YouTube.

YouTube Is Front and Center During The Holidays

With YouTube transforming into the go-to avenue for consumers to learn about a product before a purchase, advertisers should look to align their brands with relevant and related content through contextual targeting on YouTube. 

YouTube is one of the first platforms consumers visit when they are searching for new products, gift inspiration, or new recipes during the holidays. 90% of consumers say they’ve discovered new brands and products through YouTube, indicating the platform’s ability to successfully build brand awareness. Over the past two years alone, the watch time for “holiday” shopping content grew by six times on YouTube, showing an upward trend of the platform’s usage during notable holiday shopping tentpoles. This data identifies an opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences searching for holiday content through influential YouTubers, at scale.

Contextual Targeting Is Key

Contextual targeting has proven to be a powerful source of engagement, with contextually aligned ads driving a 93% increase in brand awareness. Marketers now have the opportunity to handpick the content their brands are aligning with to maximize reach and influence audiences with matching interests.

To execute effectively, advertisers are expected to coordinate across multiple teams, companies, and platforms. As the largest video publisher on YouTube, and a digital native, this is where BBTV’s extensive network and Reserve Media offerings come into play. With over a billion U.S. monthly impressions, and over a hundred million U.S. monthly unique viewers, we have the reach and scale that advertisers need to connect with their desired audiences. 

Our proprietary VISO technology ensures brands activate within brand-safe environments and against contextually relevant content. Alongside VISO is BBTV’s exclusive and broad creator network that can be leveraged by brands to contextually target massive Gen Z, Millennial, and multicultural audiences on YouTube in a transparent way.

While contextual advertising is one side of the coin, branded entertainment can also be a vehicle to speak directly to your target demographic through the holiday content they love. Some of the most popular holiday content categories brands can align with include:

  • Unboxing Videos 
  • Holiday Recipes & Gifts for Foodies
  • Do it Yourself Content 

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The Power of Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos have become a staple on YouTube. In fact, it’s a trending form of content that consistently performs well on YouTube. From authentic reactions to the unveiling of the products, unboxings have been proven to be therapeutic for viewers, and stimulates the infatuation with acquiring that product. 

Advertisers should look to align their brand with YouTubers specializing in unboxing content because of its insightful commentary on products that viewers are considering purchasing, ultimately guiding their decision to take action. This will help viewers learn about your product in an enjoyable way, or provide valuable feedback to improve the overall consumer experience.

Last Christmas, The FamousTubeFamily live streamed the family unboxing their Christmas gifts. With over 4.17 million subscribers on YouTube, they were able to reach hundreds of thousands of total views on Christmas Day, a high volume of viewers despite the holiday where social media usage is generally down. For family-oriented brands, they are a great representation of a BBTV partner advertisers should look to align with, considering their large viewership, influence, and authenticity.

Holiday Recipes and Gifts for Foodies

Food and drink content has seen significant growth in viewership, particularly during the holiday season. In fact, the watch time of cooking videos with “holiday” in the title increased by 50%. Advertisers should consider collaborating with top YouTubers in the cooking vertical to capitalize on the uptick in views for foodie content during the holidays.

One of the most influential cooking creators in the BBTV network that brands can easily plug their campaigns into is Sam The Cooking Guy, who produces a collection of holiday cooking content, from recipes to gifts. From the best way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey to foodie Christmas gifts, Sam shares relevant holiday cooking content to a subscriber base of over three million people, generating over hundreds of thousands of views.

Do It Yourself Content

DIY content is also a fan favorite, especially during the festive season. Brands can leverage the reach of some of the most popular DIY creators on YouTube through BBTV. One of the top DIY YouTubers in the creator network, HomeMadeModern, has done a number of successful Christmas and seasonal DIY projects that have inspired viewers around the world. For more information on how to get your brand integrated into popular unboxing videos, festive food and drink recipes, and holiday DIY content, contact BBTV’s Ad Solutions team.

This highly-anticipated holiday season is due for some serious spending with more activities and events to shop for. With YouTube as the leader in influencing consumer purchase decisions through video content, marketers should consider working with BBTV’s creator network as a part of their video ad strategy. 

Your brand will have access to diverse audiences from top verticals and trends through the most influential creators on YouTube. Connect with BBTV’s Ad Solutions team to see how you can integrate your brand with authentic and meaningful content this upcoming holiday season.