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Welcome to the BBTV Blog.

BBTV began with an idea back in 2005. An idea that online video was changing the face of entertainment and empowering a new generation of storytellers, and that content was entering a new era of democratization. 

Fast forward to now, the digital video space has grown and changed in countless ways, with no signs of slowing down. Video platforms now offer content owners and brands endless opportunities to grow, engage, and monetize audiences around the world – and the BBTV blog is here to help. 

The BBTV blog is geared to give you a taste of what’s possible in the world of online video. It’s a space for anyone with an eye to innovation looking to learn, understand, and grow their success through digital video.

Stay connected for tips from industry experts, emerging trends, and spotlights on the success stories that we believe make this the most exciting industry on the planet!