Content Trends For Creators In 2022
Learn which content trends should be added to your content strategy help you grow your success and adapt to trends coming in 2022.

It’s vital for creators to stay ahead of burgeoning content trends that will enter the evolving social video landscape in 2022.

Looking back at the last 12 months, a variety of new platform features and content trends were introduced, fostering new ways for creators to succeed. To grow your audience and ultimately create new revenue opportunities, it’s crucial to be well-equipped with the right creator tools to navigate upcoming content trends and technology that will dominate 2022.

Continue reading to learn which trends should be added to your content strategy in the new year. These unique features and themes should help you grow your success and adapt to trends coming in 2022.

1. Repurpose Your Digital Content Strategy For YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts was one of the biggest additions and disruptors in the digital content space. With the rapid rise of TikTok and the inception of Instagram Reels, YouTube decided to launch Shorts in order to compete and align with the growing popularity of short-form video content.

We’ve mentioned it before; the great thing about Shorts is that it doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. Convenience is essential for creators. TikTokers and Instagram creators that already have successful content strategies can easily repurpose existing videos and upload them to YouTube Shorts. In fact, the feature has been designed so that short-form creators from other platforms can take advantage of YouTube’s very similar algorithm and reward system.

To learn more about how to expand your short-form video strategy, read our article on tried and true tips for YouTube Shorts, delivered by our YouTube experts. 

2. Highlighting In-Person Experiences

According to Google’s Year In Search 2021, there was a significant increase in the number of searches for in-person activities, specifically for terms such as “fancy restaurants near me” and “wedding dress shops near me.” Both search terms increased by 100% and 50% respectively, compared to the previous year.

As we slowly ease back into live, in-person events and interactions, people are increasingly searching for restaurants, storefronts, and activities to experience. For creators that incorporate shopping hauls, food and restaurant videos, tech reviews, and vlogs of their adventures, you may see a significant jump in your content’s performance. 

Nearly 68% of YouTube users watch YouTube to influence their purchase decisions. Your videos could help thousands of viewers looking for advice on their next purchase or adventure, ultimately boosting your channel growth and catching the attention of brands.

3. The Role of NFTs in the Creator Economy

You might’ve heard about NFTs. Everyone is talking about them, and quite frankly, it’s for a good reason. 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a way to transform digital works of art and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain. 

They are cryptographic assets that have unique IDs and metadata. While anyone can search for a photo of the Mona Lisa painting and hang it on their wall, they don’t actually own that photo. NFTs act the exact same way; only when you have the token, you own the artwork.

This has become a significant revenue opportunity for creators, particularly artists, musicians, and illustrators in the digital space. In addition to traditional commissions and eCommerce platforms, creators can now rely on their loyal fans to engage with and even purchase their art in innovative ways.

NFTs can be sold in a variety of forms. They can be a digital illustration, keys for exclusive access to content, and even video highlights. Regardless, NFT transactions have proven to be very lucrative. For creators with huge audiences and loyal followers, you can sell your illustrations, moments, videos, and images to your top fans to generate significant revenue.

Creators and influencers can become content pioneers in the first wave of users jumping into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Sharing those experiences, covering the development of the metaverse, and diving into the idea of buying metaverse property are themes of content that viewers and tech-lovers will be looking forward to in the new year.

4. Interact with Fans Online Through Twitter Spaces

With social media users looking for more live audio options online to interact with one another, many platforms such as Discord are seeing a major uptick in usage

Between the boost in usage for apps like Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and the inception of Clubhouse, Twitter jumped on the audio bandwagon by introducing Twitter Spaces. Now, avid users have a chance to share their tweets and thoughts through audio. 

Twitter Spaces Is Here

Twitter Spaces provide creators and brands the opportunity to elevate diverse voices, connect quickly during significant cultural events, and foster a tight-knit community. Twitter creators interacting with large audiences can also earn revenue with Ticketed Spaces, giving you an opportunity to engage with your fans and loyal followers while generating revenue in a unique and authentic way.

Consider adding a time during your content schedule to interact with your Twitter followers using Spaces, adding an exciting and genuine element to your fan interaction and encouraging more followers to engage with your content.

5. Self-Care, Self-Investment, and Work-Life Balance

With the pandemic significantly impacting the mental, physical, and even financial health across the world, many have made it a responsibility to take extra care of themselves. Many creators are actually sharing their personal routines and habits with the intention of helping others.

That has led to a boom in self-care content, one of the most popular trends in 2021. The self-improvement industry is anticipated to grow by a large margin in 2022. Self-care doesn’t just equate to a skin-care routine; it encompasses a variety of content themes and verticals that viewers are increasingly searching for

From the ‘best time to take vitamins’, top gym clothes, to DIY home office ideas and ‘how to invest,’ more online users are searching for self-help content to enhance their life skills, improve their overall health, and gain essential knowledge. As we move into a time when work-life balance and personal care is prioritized, creators should consider creating content that highlights their own personal routines to help inspire others to build healthy habits.

As more users search for these themes and guides in the new year, expect to see a significant boost in your digital content covering vital health habits and DIY hacks.

6. Share Your Travel Experiences During The COVID Era

According to Google’s Year In Search 2021, people are searching for COVID-specific travel terms. Some popular terms include “border restrictions,” and “weekend getaways near me.”

Aspiring travellers are looking to real-life testimonials of travel during these uncertain times. Seeing their favorite creators share their experiences like things to pack, airport security checks, and quarantine protocols, gives viewers an idea of what to expect when they travel. Creators can reach new audiences in an impactful way by showing what it’s like to travel, how to stay safe, and how to prepare, especially as the pandemic affects different parts of the world.

These six burgeoning content trends have been popular topics and features this year and are expected to carry over into 2022. By incorporating these various themes and repurposing your content for the newest online features, you can effectively jumpstart your channels’ performance in the new year and stand out from the crowd.

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