YouTube's Super Thanks Feature
Super Thanks gives you a different source of revenue and a unique opportunity to connect and engage with your fans in a genuine way. 

YouTube is expanding its eligibility for Super Thanks, a fun, new way to monetize your efforts on your channel, boosting your potential revenue and enhancing the connection between you and your fans. All creators approved for the YouTube Partnership Program can now access the Super Thanks feature. 

Super Thanks is the latest of four options from YouTube’s Paid Digital Goods – platform features that allow fans to pay their favorite creators directly. This is in addition to the Super Chat monetization feature, which allows live streamers on YouTube to make money from their streams as fans compete for your response and attention. However, for YouTubers that mainly upload edited videos over live streaming, Super Chat isn’t an option.

The new feature gives you a different source of revenue and a unique opportunity to connect and engage with your fans in a genuine way. 

How Super Thanks Will Support Your Creator Journey

This new feature allows your viewers to buy a one-time animation with one of four preset amounts ranging between $2 and $50. Viewers can send a personalized, colorful comment to stand out in your video’s comment section and show support for your content.

Creators should consider enabling the Super Thanks feature to allow for more accessibility between you and your fans; it’s a beautiful two-way street that allows your subscribers to show their continued support for your content, while monetizing the hard work you’ve invested into your channel.

This also helps you in an effort to diversify your content formats; incorporating both live streaming and edited videos while enabling respective features such as the Super Chat and “Thanks” will also maximize your ability to grow your revenue streams and gain new fans with different consumption preferences.

YouTube says it’s “always looking for fresh ways creators can diversify their revenue streams,” indicating that we may see more monetization tools in the future. Super Thanks is available for eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program, and viewers in eligible locations can buy a Super Thanks on a video’s watch page with the “Thanks” button.

To see if you’re eligible for Super Thanks, and how to enable the feature on your channel, visit YouTube’s support page for more information.

The new feature only needs to be enabled once at the channel-level for the Thanks button to appear on all previous and future videos. It’s important to note that it will not appear on your live streams or Premieres—that’s where Super Chat and Super Stickers come in.

If you’re looking for catered support and expertise to help you maximize the potential of these new features, reach out to us to leverage premium services and tools to take your content strategy and revenue to the next level.