How Brands Can Make Inclusive Marketing a Long Term Strategy on YouTube
While representation is key to inclusive marketing, so is carving out ad spend for cultural events for & created by marginalized communities.

As Black History Month comes to an end, an important conversation is taking place amongst brands and marketers who understand the pressing need for inclusive marketing campaigns year round. 

Today’s savvy consumers are well aware of the uptick in ads during major cultural tentpoles and have become increasingly conscious of the social impact of their purchase decisions. The time has truly come for brands and marketers to evolve from looking at inclusive marketing as an item on their checklist that needs to be fulfilled once a year. 

Brands should be engaging with cultural moments that speak directly to consumers that are often overlooked, ignored or made invisible. While representation is key to inclusive marketing, so is carving out ad spend for cultural events that are for and created by marginalized communities. 

YouTube Content: For Us, By Us. 

For years, YouTube has been considered by black creators and audiences as a platform where positive change takes place more readily for their communities. Home to creators sharing content that reflects their lived experiences and communities in countless ways, YouTubers are as authentic as it gets. While authenticity is a term that is being overused in today’s marketing world, it’s still a clear difference maker for minority audiences. 

3 in 4 black millennials say they’re more likely to consider a brand that positively reflects black culture.

Working with YouTubers belonging to minority communities not only drives positive brand lift, it’s also an active way to financially support creators to fuel their passion. In fact, “while many monetization avenues continue to grow, 77% of creators still depend on brand deals for revenue.” With this in mind, BBTV’s Voices of Color (VoC) program enables multicultural YouTubers in the BBTV network to get in front of premium brands for collaborations, brand deals and direct ad sales, powering their content and their revenue opportunities.

As marketers plan ahead for their Summer digital ad campaigns, we’re sharing three tentpoles in June alone that can help brands appeal to diverse audiences with deeper and more authentic campaigns through BBTV’s network of premium and brand safe content on YouTube. Keep reading to learn how these tentpoles can be the key for brands looking to develop more diverse and inclusive ad strategies for the long haul. 

Juneteenth – Sunday, June 19, 2022

What’s considered the country’s second Independence Day has been largely ignored by mainstream media until recently. Juneteenth, which celebrates the freedom of enslaved people in the United States at the end of the Civil War, has received more interest as more black-made entertainment takes center stage. 

Juneteenth largely goes unnoticed as an important marketing tentpole by brands and advertisers. After February’s saturated advertising space for Black History Month, Juneteenth could offer black consumers a refreshing targeted ad experience that has deep cultural resonance. Brands that are hesitant about the ROI on a Juneteenth ad campaign need to only look at the impact black audiences and creators have across YouTube. 

BBTV YouTubers such as Bigg Jahh gain hundreds of thousands of views on a singular video with content that speaks directly to black audiences. One simple way to kickstart a more inclusive systematic change to your marketing strategy is by choosing YouTubers who are reflecting and speaking to minority audiences. 

Black Music Month 

June is many things but it’s also Black Music Month. Kelsey Davis, founder and CEO of Cllctve, highlights that from “TikTok challenges to YouTube’s most lasting videos, black creators are the center of cultural influence and a major factor in the endless opportunities for the creator economy to grow”. YouTube is the perfect destination for branded integrations and direct ad sales that celebrate Black Music Month. Combining Black music artists and the creators who use their music on YouTube means your campaign will not only resonate with fans of the artist but fans of the YouTubers as well. 

BBTV’s music division, Opposition, is home to some of today’s most popular Black music artists including 21 Savage, T Pain and Lil Durk. With channels like Lyrical Lemonade, a cultural hub for today’s biggest hip hop releases, Opposition pulls in over 6.5M monthly unique views in the U.S. Prolific artists are also using YouTube as a way of finding new ways of connecting with Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Take T-Pain’s channel, which includes his music videos, the Nappy Boy Radio podcast, and even Fortnite content, making him a perfect cross section between verticals and demographics.

Working on a systematic, long term approach to representation and inclusivity are just a few ways that brands should be striving to be a part of a more diverse industry. YouTube’s DNA is being a platform for the people, by the people and that’s what continues to attract both creators and audiences looking to be heard and seen to its site. 

Marketers looking to make their June slate more inclusive, diverse and exciting should get in touch with BBTV Ad Sales. Learn how our marketing opportunities could see some of the brightest stars on YouTube showcasing your brand.