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The world's biggest video gaming expo, E3, is back this June as a completely digital experience for the very first time ever.

How Brands Can Increase Their Reach With E3 2021

The world’s biggest gaming expo is back as a completely digital experience for 2021. 

E3 returns from June 12th to June 15th after being sidelined last year by the global pandemic. This year, E3 has decided to take their massive video game showcase online via an all-virtual event, opening the floodgates for both existing and new video game fans and followers to engage.

Below, we’re breaking down why E3 should be a key tentpole for brands and advertisers, and how they can tap into the massive fan bases that flock to the event every year.

The growth of gaming during the pandemic

Gaming has become the U.S’s favorite pastime since the global pandemic began, and as of March 2020, the U.S. spent 45% more time playing video games. With many forms of entertainment and recreation shutting down because of the pandemic, gaming has punched its way to the top, making it all the more lucrative with increased engagement and consumption.

BBTV’s gaming vertical benefited from the meteoric rise of gaming over the past year, experiencing a viewership surge of 49% year over year from February 2020 to February 2021.

This is where E3 comes in. Regarded widely as a culturally significant digital tentpole, E3 introduces new video game titles, gaming products, developer panels, and demos from mobile gaming to eSports. Gamers, eSports competitors, and media companies all look forward to E3 every year because of its significant influence on the industry, revealing near-to-far future plans from popular video game publishers like Activision and Bethesda, and popular brands such as Xbox and Nintendo. 

Source: E3 Partner Experience

According to E3 attendees, there are three takeaways that make the annual gaming event a lucrative opportunity for brands to sponsor:

  1. E3 is considered as their preeminent source of information on the interactive entertainment industry.
  2. E3 is the only industry event that they attend each year.
  3. E3 is crucial in deciding which products they intend to buy in the next 12 months.

Expanding Your Brand’s Reach with Gaming Fans Ahead of E3 

Gaming has become the new frontier for video marketers because of gaming’s transformation into a mainstream form of entertainment. According to industry statistics, 39% of gamers say YouTube videos are the most useful when deciding on a purchase.

With gaming becoming a mainstream target for advertisers everywhere, BBTV has already established itself as a brand’s best chance to reap maximum gain from advertising across all gaming-related verticals.

BBTV is the largest publisher of gaming and entertainment content on YouTube, housing the largest and most-engaged community of gaming influencers online and ranging from popular gaming personalities to highly specialized title experts and professional competitive gamers.

While E3 presents a unique opportunity for brands and advertisers to expand their influence, BBTV’s wide variety of gaming creators will have inside access to E3 for up-close and personal views of the exciting news and product reveals in the gaming industry.

To get ahead of E3 and other massive gaming events in the near-to-far future, brands will have the opportunity to align with BBTV’s network of gaming creators via scalable yet highly-targeted media campaigns, giving advertisers exclusive and proprietary methods of focusing on the most relevant audiences for any given strategy.

As gaming continues to dominate both subcultural and mainstream entertainment, brands can benefit immensely by aligning themselves with the biggest tastemakers and gatekeepers of the gaming space. From reviews, let’s plays, to reactions and challenges, tap into a vast pool of content with the most engaged audiences online.

The ability to co-create original, custom content with gaming influencers is also an option, providing seamless and authentic integrations into existing gaming programming and shows.

Advertisers working with BBTV have an added level of brand safety and brand alignment guaranteed through proprietary VISO technology that shields your brand campaign from unauthorized and inappropriate content and environments. When all is said and done, BBTV will provide brands with standardized performance reporting that’s compatible with industry standard third parties for advanced measurement.

Many connected gamers housed by BBTV will be producing an exciting range of content around the reveal of new games and products from E3, providing a one-of-a-kind harmony with the event experience and the cult followings of influential gamers.

Engage tens of millions of subscribers and access hundreds of millions of views by positioning your brand with BBTV’s network of influential gaming creators to take your brand’s reach to the next level.