Hispanic Heritage Month - Fernanfloo & Mikecrack
BBTV’s roster of YouTubers is your brand’s best bet in engaging Hispanic audiences authentically during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Marketers looking to make a real impact with their digital ad spend this year should seriously consider catering ads to one of the most engaged audiences and consumer bases in the U.S—Hispanic viewers, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month. 

With over 61 million Hispanics living in the U.S and 60% of them tuning in to YouTube content on a daily basis, there is a unique advertising opportunity to captivate this massive audience with ads that speak directly to them, and are representative of their cultural experience. 

From direct ads to branded integrations, targeting Hispanic audiences during Hispanic Heritage Month is a genuine way of amplifying their values and culture under the limelight. Below, we’re sharing why BBTV’s roster of Hispanic YouTubers is your brand’s best bet in accessing Hispanic audiences effectively and authentically. 

Hispanic Audiences Notice Inclusive Marketing 

One of the most common pitfalls made by marketers when addressing cultural diversity and representation in their advertising is to speak for their target consumers. Instead, aligning your advertising around passion points or culturally-specific tentpoles, or, working with a YouTuber who encapsulates your target audience will give your brand an edge in the highly saturated ad space. 

In fact, brands have benefited greatly from multicultural advertising strategies that include authentic elements of Hispanic culture in video campaigns and ad placements. If you’re skeptical on the effectiveness of approaching your ad campaigns in this way, look no further than this: 

85% of Hispanic and Latino consumers took an action after watching an ad they considered inclusive.

Also, 43% of Hispanic millennials feel more favorably about brands that include aspects of Hispanic culture in their advertising when making digital purchases, emphasizing the potential for brands to integrate into Hispanic audience’s viewing trends.

Going beyond ad placements, marketers can harness the power of YouTubers to effectively connect with target consumers where they feel most comfortable—watching their favorite creators’ videos on YouTube. YouTubers have built a unique space in the world of entertainment by sharing content that is hyper relatable and ultimately influencing their fans’ consumer habits. 

In a media landscape that still has major strides to make in terms of inclusivity, minority audiences have found YouTube as a central space for watching content that represents their culture featuring talent that looks and speaks just like them.

Hispanic Heritage Month + BBTV’s Hispanic YouTubers = Highly Targeted Opportunity

From September 15th to October 15th, the U.S. will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans on the country’s rich history and culture. Brands that are socially-conscious can align their digital ad campaigns and products with BBTV’s Voices of Color (VoC) program ahead of this culturally-significant tentpole. For over 16 years, BBTV continues to support and amplify diverse creators, connecting them with local and global audiences by featuring them in media and branded content campaigns.

In a continuous effort to promote diversity and drive inclusiveness, BBTV offers a wide-range of services and resources for Hispanic creators to succeed in their content strategies, and to obtain meaningful partnerships with brands that put their message and core values first. 

BBTV has always worked to deepen our relationships with Hispanic rising stars on YouTube across our popular verticals. Our roster boasts a mix of super popular Hispanic creators, such as Fernanfloo and Mikecrack, and emerging talent, like Micro TDH and El Trollino, making BBTV the best way to reach Hispanics on YouTube.

On the other hand, BBTV provides brands with the opportunity to enhance and humanize their digital video ad strategies through top creators, while celebrating and amplifying the contributions of Hispanic Americans. Our YouTubers create content that resonate with hispanic audiences and their passions and interests; a connection that simply cannot be replicated in any other way.

With a white glove approach to your digital ad campaign, BBTV offers direct media that is primed for Hispanic consumers with our contextual targeting capabilities, or we can work to develop a custom brand integration that doubles down your brand or products in-video. BBTV ensures that your brand connects with audiences in relevant formats that resonate with your target audience.