Entertain & Engage New Audiences Through Comedy On YouTube

Comedy content is big business on YouTube, and continues to lead the way when engaging millions of viewers online. Comedy, whether it’s been in the form of candid videos, skits, challenges, or pranks, has been an integral part to the growth of digital video content online, especially on YouTube. From “Charlie bit my finger!” and Ryan Higa’s hilarious short-plays to the explosive, public pranks by the Nelk Boys, history repeatedly shows that viewers gravitate towards content that makes them laugh.

With the amount of eyes watching YouTube’s library of comedy content, marketers who haven’t already explored the potential of this lucrative and popular sub-category of Entertainment content have a unique opportunity to reach new audiences at scale.

Through BBTV’s diverse collection of pranks and comedy creators, brands can engage millions of viewers in an entertaining and authentic way, maximizing the reach and results of their ad spend.

Why Pranks & Challenges Are Effective For Brands

Pranks are built for visceral reactions that are unpredictable and often comical, causing many to gravitate toward watching them repeatedly and to share with others. 

With more viewers, the potential to monetize and earn revenue from the content grows significantly.

As pranks and challenges go viral, other creators will jump on the bandwagon in the hopes of generating the same attention. This has led to an abundance of pranks and challenges posted on YouTube, with many creators looking for new ways to awe the crowd and break away from the saturated comedy space.

YouTube’s top pranksters, comedians, and short-skit writers have amassed millions of subscribers and tens of millions of monthly views. For example, BBTV creator, Jesse, has over 10.2 million subscribers and over four million monthly views. From public pranks to stunts, Jesse entertains a significant portion of the globe with his unique and often jaw-dropping content.

The gravitational pull that prank and challenge YouTubers have is limitless and unmatched; whether they are via long-form videos highlighting the setup and the execution of a prank, or fun challenges in a quick and enticing way via YouTube Shorts, it’s a form of content that can be consumed by any demographic. Gen-Z and Millennial viewers, kids and families, and even older audiences alike enjoy a good laugh; this presents a window of opportunity for advertisers to reach a diverse audience at scale. Through BBTV’s creator network, your brand can tap into large audiences through viewers’ favorite YouTubers in an authentic and brand-safe way.

Tap Into BBTV’s Creator Network To Advertise Effectively & Safely

While pranks and challenges on YouTube have become a steady force when it comes to some of the most watched and highly shared content online, they have also become a controversial topic of conversation. In fact, the legality of public pranks, the dangers, and its negative influence on viewers, especially young audiences, have been under the spotlight for many years.

The Nelk Boys, one of the biggest, most popular comedic groups best known for their public pranks and challenges have been completely demonetized by YouTube due to safety concerns, and inappropriate content.

With BBTV, marketers can reach millions of engaged viewers and loyal followings without walking the tight-rope that many pranksters on YouTube have notoriously built for themselves, or compromising their brand’s message. Through our diverse and inclusive creator network, brands can co-create original, custom videos or integrate within top YouTubers’ content and pre-existing programming that speaks to your brand’s ethos.

Advertise your campaigns against or sponsor content from top entertainment and Kids & Family channels and creators such as Just For Laugh Gags, Just Kidding Pranks, Drew Lynch, Steven Schapiro, Bigg Jah, ThatWasEpic, The Furrha Family, the Klem Family, and so much more—this collection alone garners over 30 million subscribers and over 100 million monthly views. 

A good laugh goes a long way; the history of pranks, challenges, short-skits, and comedy sets stands the test of time, entertaining viewers everywhere at an endless rate. Connect with BBTV’s Ad Sales team to learn how you can leverage the impact of comedy content on diverse audiences to reach and engage millions of potential consumers, and generate significant buzz around your brand and campaign initiatives.