Multicultural Audiences on YouTube This Holiday Season
BBTV’s Voices of Color program can be an authentic way for marketers to engage multicultural audiences on YouTube this holiday season.

With the holiday season approaching, brands and advertisers are looking for authentic ways to connect with multicultural audiences on YouTube that span diverse cultures and minorities.

While YouTube is a central platform for interactions between brands and consumers throughout the year, contextual targeting allows for a more intelligent approach to your campaigns during the ad-saturated holiday season by capturing the right audiences with relevant and aligned content.  

Through contextual targeting on YouTube, brands are able to activate more inclusive campaigns that recognize and celebrate a diverse range of holiday traditions. Contextual targeting enables brands to appeal to multicultural audiences looking to be represented both in the content they consume and the products they’re buying this December.

A key way for brands looking to target diverse audiences this holiday season is through BBTV’s Voices of Color (VoC) program. VoC works to align socially aware brands with creators of color and cultures that resonate with audiences of diverse backgrounds. Below, we’re sharing how BBTV’s Voices of Color program can be an authentic and effective avenue for marketers to engage multicultural audiences on YouTube this holiday season both at scale and highly targeted to your audience

Celebrating More Than Just The Holidays Online

YouTube users reflect the need for representation, amassing one of the most active and diverse viewership bases amongst all social media platforms in the world. In fact, the majority of ethnically diverse YouTube viewers use the platform at least once a day, which shows a growing need for advertisers to cater ads to such a significant portion of the YouTube ecosystem.

Extending your brand campaigns outside of Christmas allows you to reach and appeal to diverse audiences celebrating different holiday traditions.

64% of people report to have taken some sort of action after seeing an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive. This percentage is higher among specific consumer groups including Latinx+ (85%), Black (79%), Asian/Pacific Islander (79%), LGBTQ (85%), millennial (77%), and teen (76%) consumers.

With holiday messaging still at the forefront of holiday ads, planning your media campaign to cater to a diverse range of holiday traditions will help build an affinity between your brand and potential consumers. Using BBTV’s contextual targeting media plans, your brand can speak directly to your target audience’s interests, while encouraging representation where minority viewers feel seen and heard.

How To Authentically Advertise To Multicultural Audiences 

BBTV’s Voices of Color (VoC) program is a unique solution for socially conscious brands to align their ad campaigns alongside a diverse network of content creators, while amplifying the values shared between these creators and their audiences.

Diversifying your ad campaigns through BBTV’s VoC program allows your brand to captivate a wider, minority audience celebrating various holiday traditions that aren’t typically represented during this time of year. Brands can also narrow in on their target audiences and contextually align their ads with relevant content, a proven method to increase the success rate when trying to drive brand awareness

“How inclusivity can be a brand’s superpower.”

For over 16 years, BBTV has connected creators from diverse backgrounds with leading brands for successful campaigns. From co-creating original content to direct media plans, BBTV’s Ad Solutions have led the way in representation through an intelligent, hyper-targeted approach to branded content and programming. 

This is all accomplished with brand safety top of mind, using BBTV’s proprietary VISO technology, that shields brand campaigns from unauthorized environments, maximizing your ad’s potential reach and performance.

Align your brand with BBTV’s Ad Solutions team and our Voices of Color (VoC) program this holiday season to reach audiences, at scale and more effectively through the creators that mirror their own values and cultures.