Summer and Fall 2021 Reopening
This is an exciting time for marketers to get involved in key tentpole events taking place during the 2021 Summer and Fall reopening.

The much anticipated Summer and Fall reboot of entertainment venues, events, and society as we know it is just around the corner in the U.S. From music festivals and theatres to theme parks, film festivals and sporting events, the need for in-person cultural experiences will be at an all-time high. 

While we anticipate the return of our favorite pastimes, the social and entertainment landscapes have been permanently altered by the last 18 months. It has taught us that life is better when we’re connected. The global pandemic accelerated the rate at which CTV overtook linear television and drove billions of views to key social video platforms like YouTube for constant connection and entertainment. 

This is an exciting time for marketers to get involved in key tentpole events taking place during the Summer and Fall reboot, with a new normal in mind. More people are tuning into YouTube content than ever before, creating the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience while aligning your brand with exciting events spanning every major vertical.

Tap into Music Festival Season

Festivals are coming back in a big way. Heavy hitters including Lollapalooza and Day N Vegas are brimming with top talent lineups and catering to a ready and willing audience. Check out this comprehensive guide to the music festivals taking place this Summer and early Fall. 

YouTube is no stranger to music festivals, offering exclusive live streams of some of the biggest festivals in the world. The most recent Coachella YouTube live stream in 2019 broke records with 82.9 million live views. Viewers unable to travel for music festivals during 2021 will be tuning in on YouTube to get the full experience. 

These high-traffic events are further amplified by YouTubers making content alongside the festivals and a surge in music listening habits, extending the lifespan for audience interest. 

BBTV’s music division, Opposition, offers up some of today’s biggest rising and established stars across key music genres; a perfect fit for the diverse lineups at this year’s music festivals. Marketers can align themselves with Opposition talent on YouTube to organically become a part of the most exciting social events returning to stages around the country. 

Movie Theatres: The Big Screen is Back

Movie theatres have already started opening their doors and getting their popcorn ready. With some of the biggest blockbusters arriving to the big screen in the latter half of 2021, brands can jump in on the action with campaigns targeting a range of verticals and demographics on YouTube. BBTV’s creator network is home to influencers like Double Toasted, who have amassed an invested audience thanks to their entertaining reactions to new movie trailers and their in-depth reviews of new movies. 

Sporting Events: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Summer and Fall 2021 will see the clash of a pro sports reboot and special sporting tournaments such as the Summer Olympics and Euro (which is already underway). This unique cross-section of sports will see diehard and casual fans come together for an endless lineup of sports action. Dodger Stadium and other baseball stadiums are anticipating reopening next month, the U.S Tennis Open will be taking place in late August, and the NBA Finals will run until July due to the altered season. 

There is no time like the present for brands to partner with YouTubers that are driving Millennial and Gen Z interest and tune-in to games. This year, the NBA is a key source for marketers looking to make an impact with younger sports fans. Advertisers that tap into NBA Playmakers, BBTV’s exclusive partnership with the NBA, can access some of the most engaged audiences on YouTube through the influencers that shape their sports view. 

The Summer and Fall reboot doesn’t necessarily mean resuming to life as it was before the pandemic. Across the board, entertainment industries have transformed and, more than ever before, require digital video giants like YouTube and its creators to bridge the gap between their goals and their target consumers. 

Activate your brand campaign alongside key events for the Summer and Fall reboot with support from BBTV’s Ad Sales team. With opportunities for innovative brand activations and guaranteed share of voice across every major vertical and demographic, BBTV will drive highly targeting campaigns to reach your key audiences.