Creators, BBTV Staff Picks, July 2021
For our July edition of BBTV Staff picks, three expert BBTV team members weigh in with their favorite videos from creators in the BBTV network.

For our July edition of BBTV Staff picks, three expert BBTV team members weigh in with their favorite videos from content creators in the BBTV network. Below, they highlight why these picks stood out to them, and offer valuable insight that you can pull inspiration from to use in your own content. 

Sam The Cooking Guy: Arielle Permack, BBTV Talent Manager

Sam Zien and his son, Max Zien, are the owners and masterminds behind Sam The Cooking Guy on YouTube. Sam is the ultimate food dude and lives by the idea that cooking doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be delicious! With an emphasis on dishes that are big in taste and small(ish) in effort, Sam and Max have cultivated a loyal audience who tune in to enjoy the witty banter between father and son, while learning a thing or two about how to put together a tasty feast.

Sam’s content hooks me in personally for a few key reasons: I am someone who is generally fearful of the kitchen, and when I watch one of Sam’s videos I think to myself, ‘I could do that if I wanted to.’ Reason number two: Sam and Max are hilarious. I don’t think there is ever a time that I’m watching one of their videos without a smile or a laugh. Reason number three: Max is an incredible and reliable editor. The Cooking Guy audience knows that they can expect videos with a consistent format, cuts, food highlights, and a high production value.

The Zien boys have also successfully diversified their business in a number of directions. They have their own Sam The Cooking Guy branded knife collection, pans and a grill, an eCommerce store managed through us at BBTV, multiple cookbooks, and two restaurants in the San Diego area (Not Not Tacos, and Eats By Sam!)

A recent favourite of mine from their channel is a long-awaited “Max gets in the kitchen” video. With Max in front of the camera, it is a slight departure from their usual content, but that’s what makes it so unique. Max is put to the test with being on screen, behind a hot grill, fussing with mic’s and delivering a nice-looking burger. Hilarity ensues, and perhaps newfound respect from son to dad.

Kamerlife: Douma Diarra, Music Specialist International Market, Youtube Certified

Kamerlife is a French-Cameroonian artist based in France, and is the ambassador of a music genre that originated in the streets of Douala, Cameroon called Mbolé. When I first got introduced to the artist and his music, I immediately understood that he had great potential for success. Mbolé also comes with specific dance moves that remind me of C-walking. 

Kamerlife resonates with me because he was Opposition’s first official music distribution deal in the International market. Being from France and West Africa, I always wanted to see our urban culture go beyond Europe and Africa. 

Kamerlife’s first track is called TLQ TOUT LE QUARTER. This was his first experience recording a track in a studio. In fact, he even took part in the composition of the instrumental by playing the drums in the song.

This track performed well because of the music release strategy. Since Kamerlife is connected with professional Cameroonian soccer players, we initiated a collaboration via Instagram Live to leverage their reach, allowing us to connect with Cameroonians around the world. We also helped Kamerlife launch a dance challenge to encourage user-generated content using the song, leading to many tagged videos and engagements with fans on TikTok and Instagram. After a week, the music video amassed over 300K views and close to 10K streams on Spotify. 

For artists and creators, the release strategy is essential to the success of your music content. You need to find a way to generate as many views as possible on the first day of your release. To do so, look within your network for someone you could collaborate with to build awareness and to reach a new audience. It is also essential to know who your target audience is so you work with people that align with your brand or music. 

Also, don’t forget to use the tools YouTube provides such as #shorts or even the Premiere feature. Success is an addition of small things coming together; these are ways to increase the reach of your music content and gain more views overall.

Mbolé is the next upcoming dance trend that will take over TikTok. Get ahead of the trend and learn the dance moves with Kamerlife!

Chris Staples: Tiernan Docherty, Senior Content Partnerships Representative

Chris Staples is arguably the top dunker in the world, and has been for the last number of years competing in the biggest dunk contests globally. There is a very select class of dunkers and creators that travel the world and compete for cash prizes and Chris is at the top of that list, winning the Dunk League in 2019.

Chris has been one of BBTV’s & NBA Playmaker’s longest-standing partners, working with our team to grow his channel from the grassroots to over 400K subscribers. Chris never stopped creating content and it has paid off, with recent viewership going absolutely bananas in large part due to his fantastic blend of short and long-form content.

This video resonated with me because it takes aspects of many content creators from different genres. What I mean by this is that he uses his incredible talents to compliment the challenge-style video, the spinning wheel, and also sneakers which are a massive niche on the platform.

Chris recently completed 3 full seasons of ‘Dunk Day’, his own Snapchat show where he incorporated dunks into engaging content. The creativity of the show definitely carried over into his YouTube content. For example, the ‘spin the wheel’ part of this video was actually used in an episode of Dunk Day.

Seeing how Chris can merge his physical talent into his on-camera personality is something special that other creators can learn from. He also is very aware of trends on the platform and creatively incorporates his talents to create engaging and entertaining videos.

Trying something new, collaborating with others, and incorporating trends are successful tactics for content creators looking to boost their content’s performance. Partner with BBTV today to enhance your strategy and get support from industry experts!