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We’ve all been there. Endlessly scrolling through our Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, in a semi-conscious trance, looking for something meaningful to attach ourselves to. With the advent of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, this activity has ramped up and now dons the name ‘doom scrolling.’ Whatever you choose to call it, one thing is clear, our social feeds are full and we crave content that stops us in our scrolling tracks.

For creators, the endless scroll is a paradox: stay active on your accounts to avoid falling off the algorithms’ radars, and yet posting for the sake of posting could result in users scrolling inattentively past your content.

The key to side-stepping this bermuda triangle of social media oversaturation is actually not much of a mystery. Quite simply, share quality and engaging content.

While this advice seems easier in theory than in practice, ask yourself two questions the next time you’re mapping out your social media strategy or about to share a post:

  1. Does this post spark an emotional response? (And remember an emotional response is the core of entertainment: does this content make me laugh, feel good, stir up empathy?)
  2. Are users going to learn something new from my post?

If your answer is yes to one or both questions, you have yourself a quality post that users are more likely to like, comment and share, according to Hopin’s Dave Schools. But how exactly do you arrive at this type of content? This article will dive into exactly what quality and engaging content means and what it could look like for creators, regardless of where their content lives.

To Be or Not To Be, Trendy

The great thing about trending content is that every genre and vertical has their own viral content, and most trends can be easily reworked to fit your content and social media strategy. Influencers and content creators with niche content might find that challenges or trending topics don’t fit with their overall content strategy. But for the most part, jumping on trends can help your posts show up on discovery pages (like TikTok’s For You Page) and increase your chances of being shared more often. 

Do – If you’re incorporating trending content like challenges or trending dances into your content, do your research. Nobody is eager to pick up yesterday’s paper. The last thing you want is to share a challenge that the rest of the world has already moved on from. 

Don’t – Don’t just choose a random challenge or trend to insert into your content. Ask yourself how you can put your own stamp on the challenge in a way that resonates with your followers, and gives newcomers a taste of what they can expect from you. We don’t need to see the same #bussitchallenge over and over. What fresh spin can you put on it?

This young drummer continues to entertain her fans by sharing jaw-dropping performances of classic rock songs. As her popularity grows, she’s even enlisted superstars like Dave Grohl to get in on the fun.

Lessons Learned

You don’t have to be a scholar to share useful information with your followers. In 2020, the world took to social media to stay connected but also to learn from each other. From cooking accounts and home workouts to life hacks and meditation techniques, there will always be some cool knowledge you can impart to your followers. 

This article explains how sharing opinions is less useful to your users than sharing information. The goal is to encourage your users to stop the scroll at your post and zap them out of their social media trance by encouraging them to think.

@halfbakedharvest is a cooking and DIY creator who uses her Instagram to showcase new recipes weekly. She’s amassed 2.6 million subscribers for being consistent and sharing easy-to-follow original recipes.

Succeeding at the social media game doesn’t require you to transform your account into a meme factory. Just like great movie directors, successful influencers and content creators have learned to tap into these two basic elements when sharing content: driving an emotional response from viewers or providing a learning moment. While content might come in very different formats, genres and styles, this same goal drives their success.

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