Top Trending Content In January 2022
We're putting the spotlight on impactful and trending content that keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Trending content in lifestyle such as #GRWM videos, closet and apartment tours, and fitness inspiration are dominating social media feeds. Fans want the inside access to their favorite personalities and celebrities; when creators share the personal products they use, guide viewers through their nighttime routines or workout plans, or show what they eat on a daily basis, their audience is given a unique perspective into their favorite creators’ lives while personally relating to their content.

Want to know more about today’s biggest content trends? Below, we’re putting the spotlight on impactful and viral content that keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more. Stay up to date with trends across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram in order to gain traction and bring in new followers. 

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Top Trends In Gaming

Fortnite’s Tilted Towers Are Back

Nostalgia has been a consistent theme in content as of late. Movies, fashion, music—you name it, audiences love to go back in time to interact with their favorite people, places, and things.

In an ode to it’s early days, the ultra-popular battle royale game, Fortnite, has brought back the Tilted Towers, one of its most beloved and favorite drop zones. Tilted Towers is a location on the OG map when the game was first released in 2017. The re-introduction of Tilted Towers has resulted in a resurgence of Fortnite content, with inactive users coming back and redownloading the game, searching for Fortnite-related content, and engaging with relevant creators. Incorporate the Tilted Towers in your next live stream or ‘Let’s Play’ and expect to see a boost in your performance.

Recreating No Way Home’s End Swing on PS4/PS5

Spoiler alert, just in case you still haven’t watched Spider-Man: No Way Home! Fans and movie enthusiasts of Spider-Man: No Way Home stepped out of the theatre and recreated the movie’s final swing scene in the videogame, Marvel’s: Spider-Man, exclusively played on PlayStation.

Gamers across the globe recreated the moment nearly step-by-step with similar camera angles, layered with the movie’s original music score. Emerging creators gained significant traction and views with their unique take recreating Spider-Man: No Way Home’s breathtaking final scene.

Top Trending Content In Entertainment

Everything Euphoria

HBO’s Euphoria has become a global phenomenon, branching out to social media with creators (hilariously) incorporating the show’s themes within their content.

Creators have reimagined what a typical high school outfit looks like; don’t forget to change if you go to Euphoria High School! Pair that with makeup looks and reenactments or reactions to popular scenes, and you can expect to see an uptick in your engagement.

Glow-Up Audio

Who doesn’t like a little transformation? These creators look back to their old selves, unpack past insecurities and face their biggest personal fears by showing their growth. Whether it’s a healthy lifestyle, reconstructing their wardrobe, or letting go of negativity, viewers are supporting creators who share their personal journeys. Positive transformation content is seeing a big boost in performance as viewers search for inspiration, and you could be the motivating force behind someone making a big change in their life.

Top Trending Content In Music

“Lost” – Frank Ocean

Channel Orange is trending in 2022, and we are here for it. Frank Ocean’s classic single, “Lost,” is trending across social media in dance trends and scenarios. It’s a fun and popular trend to take part in without any heavy lifting.

Come To Me” – Diddy ft. Nicole Scherzinger

Nostalgia is in, and we run it back to 2006 when Diddy and Nicole Scherzinger released one of the most jam-packed singles of all time. 16 years later, it’s trending again, and TikTokers are putting together some fun dance challenges.

Top Trends In Beauty & Lifestyle

Apartment Tours & Styling

Creators are giving us a sneak peek into their homes—rented or owned—and touring us through their apartment layout, decor, and appliances. Remember MTV Cribs? This is a short and sweet version for those looking for home inspo.

Makeup Transitions

Whether you’ve just woken up, finished a workout, or sat in bed the whole day, you can go from barefaced to ready for the day in seconds with this fierce and empowering makeup transition. It’s an easy way to incorporate one of the top, highly engaged beauty trends while inspiring others with your favorite looks.

Top Trends In Kids & Family Content

Kids Recording For Adults

This might be one of the funniest trends exposing creators behind the scenes (in a good way). More often than not, creators self-record their content by placing the phone down on a random spot, using a tripod, or asking someone to record for them. These creators take resourcefulness to a whole new level by asking their kids or younger brothers and sisters to hold the cameras/phones for them. Viewers can’t help but laugh, share it with their friends, and replay the video over and over again; it’s even funnier when the content, such as the audio or music, isn’t kid-friendly, making it even more entertaining.

New Year, New Me Skits

We all know that person who vows to make a 360 change in their life, committing to the phrase “a New Year, a new me.” However, old habits die hard. Families on social media are poking fun at the phrase, creating full skits of different scenarios where people are adamantly outspoken about change, only to return to their former self. They can always try again next year!

Top Trending Content In Sports

Tag @jpgcoaching on TikTok

If you aren’t following @jpgcoaching on TikTok, and you’re an avid gym goer or making fitness a major goal this year, you’re missing out. JP (@jpgcoaching) has generated significant influence on fitness TikTok thanks to his advice, tips, and entertaining fitness experiences to help viewers fuel their workout, make gains, and avoid certain exercises or scenarios in the gym. Creating a TikTok duet of his videos, or tagging @jpgcoaching in workout content using his suggested exercises leads to a lot of engagement from the fitness community. You might even get a reaction or a comment from JP, which adds a nice boost to your content’s performance.

Are You A #Sneakerhead?

#Sneakerhead is currently trending, and for good reason. There is an abundance of new shoe releases and classics getting raffled off to hypebeasts all over the world, and celebrities are taking notice. Also, many creators are showing off their shoe collections in their closet or home tours, which is another trending content theme that continues to gain traction. 

How many kicks do you have? What are some of your holy grails? Share it in your next video, and the #sneakerhead community could be all over your content, praising and showing support for your collection.

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