Start a Podcast
In this article, we’re sharing four reasons why a creator should start a podcast as a part of their existing content strategy.

Many content creators today aspire to start a podcast, and for good reasons.

Podcasts have experienced one of the most dramatic growth spurts in the last decade. In fact, 116 million people in the U.S. listen to podcasts monthly, accounting for 41% of the American population. 

Podcasting offers up the opportunity for creators to expand their content strategy, reach new audiences, and diversify their brand. Podcasts also help creators collaborate with influential personalities and attract branded sponsorships.

In this article, we’re sharing four reasons why creators should consider starting a podcast as a part of their existing content strategy.

Build a Genuine Connection With Your Audience

Podcasts are a trending form of content that help creators cultivate a relationship with existing audiences and engage new followers. Podcasting stands apart from other content formats because it personalizes the listening experience with its raw, unscripted style.

For some creators, audiences will have the chance to hear your voice and learn where you stand on certain subjects and topics. If your current content is highly produced or includes specific on-screen personas, a podcast allows your followers to get to know you on a deeper level.

Diversify Your Content Strategy

While podcasts build a deeper connection with your followers, they also diversify your content strategy, helping you cater to new audiences that have different preferences for consuming digital media.

In fact, 82.4% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours a week listening to podcasts.

The age range of podcast consumers is also extensive. While the majority of podcast listeners sit in the 12-34 age range, the age group of 55+ has grown by 18%, making older Americans the fastest growing group of monthly podcast listeners.

This opens a door for creators to tap into audiences who consume longer forms of content, and have a variety of interests, while spanning a wide demographic range.

One of the significant reasons why people also love consuming podcasts is convenience. 87% of people say they enjoy podcasts because they are able to listen while doing something else. Podcasts are portable and can be listened to while cleaning the house, driving, or exercising. For multi-taskers and busy listeners, podcasts don’t distract them, rather, it enriches their current activity. 

This is a great additional avenue for fans to listen in and keep up with your content without committing too much time that they may not have.

Start a Podcast To Collaborate With Other Creators

Podcasts also present a unique opportunity for creators to expand their network. They’re one of the easiest forms of collaborative content, accomplished through the interview style format and discussion with guests. This bolsters a creator’s platform, allowing them to reach out and connect with influencers and industry professionals that they might not otherwise have had the chance to.

Connecting with influential creators and professionals also adds credibility to your brand. With time, your podcast’s accumulated interviews and attention from listeners will help establish your brand as a go-to for advice, opinions and thoughts.

Hosting a podcast has a similar effect as running a blog or writing a book – it helps develop your reputation as an expert.

Podcasts can generate strong emotions from fans, too. It gives them the chance to view or listen in on the unique interaction between two or more of their favourite influential creators. This may lead to new channel subscribers who are being exposed to you for the first time because of your collaboration with another creator.

As your audience grows, your ability to reach out and interview influential creators and high profile experts in your industry increases. BBTV makes this easy for creators in our network with Community in VISO, a BBTV-only networking platform encouraging connection and collaboration. 

Branded Entertainment & Sponsorships

Creators typically start a podcast as a hobby, however, they can slowly turn their show into a significant revenue stream through monetization and branded entertainment.

Today, sponsorships are the most common way podcasters make money.

Brands work with creators that are aligned with their message and values, and possess a level of influence to impact purchase decisions and bolster brand awareness.

This is typically done by promoting products, services, and coupon codes throughout the timeline of a show. You might’ve even heard your favourite podcasters plug their advertisers and sponsors during an episode.

Other advertising initiatives include: premium content subscriptions through platforms like Twitch or Patreon, affiliate marketing, and complimentary products such as merchandise.

Nearly three out of every four Americans tune in to podcasts to learn new things. While the podcast discussion is the main source of new information, advertisers can introduce new products and services to like-minded audiences, allowing them to deliver their message where it matters most.

Did you know that popular sports analyst, Bill Simmons, earned over $7 million in 2019 from his podcast? He’s also known as the brainchild of The Ringer, which earned more than $15 million in podcast advertisements alone. Depending on your audience, topics, and industry, your podcast has the opportunity to appeal to advertisers and attract brands for a potentially lucrative revenue stream

Podcasts are a great way for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge in an enjoyable way without the boundaries of time limits, censorship, or a tedious editing process. 

You’ll be able to hold your audience’s attention for longer periods of time, build a deeper connection with your followers, provide value and knowledge to returning listeners, reach new fans through collaboration, and create a new revenue stream.

BBTV’s creator network is home to some of the most influential and popular podcasts online, such as the H3 Podcast and No Jumper. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or an established creator looking to expand your content, reach out to us to learn more about our creator services that’ll help you start a podcast today.