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Running a successful video or social content strategy takes patience and persistence and unfortunately can cause creator burnout. Sure, viral sensations transform a lucky few into household names. But, under the hood of any YouTube channel or social account is a lot of hard work. And with hard work, can come stress.

This grind can take a toll, so it’s important to make sure you’re not just taking care of your audience – you need to take care of yourself.

Successful content creators and entrepreneurs have previously highlighted the importance of mental health. So how do you avoid creator burnout?

1. Prioritize Recharge Time and Set Your Work Schedule

Whether you’re working from an office or from home, it can be hard to disconnect and recharge. It can be even harder to know when to clock out and call it a day with so many projects and creative ideas on the go. But, it’s worth it.

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Set a work schedule and take breaks throughout the day. Go outside. Exercise. Do something that makes you happy, even for just 15 minutes! Studies have found that taking a break actually makes you more productive overall than when you work through lunch.

2. Let Trolls be Trolls

Engaging with positive comments isn’t just good for your ego, it fosters more engagement on your content and helps you grow your audience!

You put a lot of thought and effort into the videos you’re releasing into the world, so when someone bashes it behind the safety of an anonymous troll account it can be tough not to take it personally. The best trick can be to focus on engaging with positive posts on your content and social accounts.

3. Talk With Someone About Your Stressors

The world of social media doesn’t always leave room for a social life. It’s not uncommon for successful content owners & entrepreneurs to have days where they don’t speak to anyone in person. Introverted or not, venting to a friend or family member can be a healthy way to offload the stressors of your day.

We know now is a particularly stressful time as the world navigates the unique situation of COVID-19. Keep these mental health tips in mind as you continue to create content. Looking for more mental health resources, check out the BBTV Wellness Guide.

We’ve also made it our priority to support creators during this time with the resources and help they need to continue making content. Connect with BBTV to see how we can help you keep that creator fire burning!